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      In this paper, Physics properties of states of time & physics of cause and effect opens and describes how the natural world is made of time. Physics from which all show and how it is done, the whole of nature (matter) - space, time, gravity, mass, matter, subatomic particles, the energy of the photons, the electron and its charge, magnetic and electric fields, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Hole how to relate and create all types of interactions. The article shows the dynamics of the implementation of the physical laws of causality of events, so the time is dynamic, it is shown how the properties of time creates a dynamic electric and magnetic fields. Time of the event - a building material for nature (matter), which forms all physical processes (interaction) of causal events.
The paper provides analysis and description of the properties of time, thanks to the causal law of philosophical determinism takes the form of physical equations and physical dimension. In the form of physical equations show the role of time in the sequence of events, this time organizer of the event, continues to demonstrate the effect of time (measured in Newtons), which organizes the event. The next government of the time, carries a mandatory effect causes of events as the interaction of the sequence of events in time she describes the mechanism of its action.
I explained that it is - "the clock is ticking," that this time, past and future time, they can measure physical quantities. The presented analytical conclusions about how time creates energy. Physical definition did most of the philosophical concepts and definitions of the essence of time.

      The work does not rely on subjective philosophical hypotheses, not on theories and not on the postulates, but relies only on the laws of physics Newton, Coulomb, Lorentz, Boltzmann.

    The book is available (distributed) in the national and research libraries

Physics cause and effect  &  physics properties of states of time
General theorem of all temporary spaces (GTTS)

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